What happened to all the decent free software podcasts?

I’ve just finished listening to the latest episode of TechShow – I’m astounded. They had RMS as a guest, and had clearly done very little research, and one of the presenters, Linc, jumped on him and tried to play on the confusion that nobody would ever be able to get a job working on free software. The interview was one of the worst I’ve ever heard, on any subject.
Why are there no good podcasts on free software? None that really understand the issues.. none that dip between open source and free software, none that perpetuate the myth of ‘Linux’ as an operating system. LUGRadio isn’t so bad, but it’s still far from what I’d really like to hear.



  1. Matthew Revell · November 15, 2006

    If nothing out there does what you want, why not do your own?

  2. mattl · November 16, 2006

    I full intend to do something very soon.

  3. Matthew Revell · November 23, 2006

    Cool. Let us know when it’s online.

  4. Aleksandersen · November 26, 2006

    Yhea, do a Podcast of your own! More Podcasts! More!
    /me is a little addicted to Podcasts

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