Join us now and share the software…

So, we’re having a fundraising drive at the FSF right now.
Join the FSFSome of my good friends have joined, so if you’d like to support them, go to their blogs and sign up via their referral link. You just might earn them a t-shirt or more.

Of course, the real reason to join is if you’d like to continue to support the Free Software Foundation, Defective By Design, BadVista, PlayOgg, GPLv3, Free Software Directory or the GPL Compliance Lab.
In the next 12 months, we’re going to be working heavily on the issue of software patents in the US, and your money will be greatly received to help us fight this important battle to protect essential freedoms for computer users, the world over.
Plus, as Graham points out – the dollar is a bit crap right now, so if you’re outside the US, it’s even cheaper for you.



  1. Tim Dobson · December 7, 2007

    as i promise here in front of all these people: “I *will* join the fsf”
    just i’m a bit broke atm.

  2. Simon Ward · December 7, 2007

    Tim: I have a hammer somewhere. I use it when I start visualising everything as nails. I can fix you.

  3. Simon Ward · December 7, 2007

    I’m not actually involved with Debian, as fantastic as it is. Merely a fanatic user.

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